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What is the Difference Between a Flamenco and a Classic Guitar?

Maybe you are wondering about the difference of the flamenco and a classical guitar. Obviously, guitars can be classified according to their style, the parts and how it sounds to the human ear. I will gladly give you an idea of how a flamenco guitar differs from the classic guitar.
You might want to have an idea about each of those before you buy them, or you are just curious on whether they are the same or not.

Well, here are the information that I have gathered that you folks might be interested about:

Flamenco Guitar

Unlike the classical guitar, the flamenco guitar is made with a tap plate, commonly made of plastic, similar to a pick guard.
The purpose of having a tap plate is to protect the body of the guitar from the rhythmic finger taps. The flamenco guitar is built lighter than classic guitars. It also has thinner tops than classical guitars. Flamenco guitars are generally made with spruce tops and cypress or sycamore for the backs and sides to enhance volume and emphasize the attack of the note.

To go with that new guitar you'll need some beginner acoustic guitar chord lessons too!

Classical Guitar

Classical guitars are generally made with spruce or cedar tops and rosewood or mahogany backs and sides to enhance sustain. Usually the strings of classical guitar are partly made of nylon strings. It is easier to play (in my opinion) compared to the flamenco guitar or even to simply get a guitar instruction DVD.

The flamenco guitar is usually played during a flamenco dance. Those guitarists who are playing flamenco guitar and classical guitar have different postures. The way they strum, pluck and do other techniques in playing their guitar are also very different. The flamenco guitar makes you hear a percussive tone, unlike when hearing a classical guitar, you can feel relaxed. Flamenco guitar can only be played for flamenco dance, while classical guitar can play many kinds of music, especially the mellow ones.

So, what do you think? Which one is better, the flamenco or the classical guitar? Which do you prefer playing? I'll leave the rest to you my dear readers.